Friday, July 1, 2011

Take a seat...

I have a lovely vintage settee that Mr Mouse and I rescued from a garage sale; now I just have to decide how to refinish it. These are some lovely options....


  1. They are all stunning but I think the second last one is my favourite. I hope you'll show us the end result. x Sharon

  2. These are all so beautiful!! When Mckenzie and I first moved in together his old couch didn't fit through our front door so his mom lent us her 120 year old settee until we could buy a couch. I came to the conclusion that settees are beautiful decorations.. but not really a replacement for an everyday sitting couch. esp if one of you is 6'4"

  3. I definitely will Sharon...if I ever make up my mind! Stephanie, you are very right, I don't think you'd want a settee to be your only couch. Ours is adorning the spot under the window in our bedroom, so it is basically a very fancy spot to throw our clothes on! But it fits the space beautifully.


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