Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to our new home...

Well, here it is...your first sneak peek at our new property in the country! No pictures of the house yet as I have many plans for it and want to share before and after pictures as rooms become completed, but as you can see this view from our front porch needs no improvement on my part! 

We have 93 acres, so over the summer there will be lots more pictures coming...

All photos by The French Mouse


  1. Oh! Your home is so beautiful and peaceful, I would really love to have a home in the country someday. What a relaxing place to be.. fresh air and the ability to think clearly.. so happy for you, and please do share more photos!


  2. Thanks so much Rachel! We love it so much already and are working really hard to make it all perfectly suited to us. And you're so right, it is wonderfully relaxing to step out your front door and see that view and breathe that country air! Thanks so much for stopping by dear!



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