Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeling kind of boyish....

I love a good dose of masculine style, especially when it has a Victorian country gentleman kind of feel. Wishing you all a dashing Monday!


  1. SHUT UP!

    Oh, I am SEETHING with jealousy! So much so that I can't even think of something witty and charming to say... I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU! How much do I want my own house in the country? Argh! And of course it will be the most divine space imaginable because it simply is impossible for it NOT to be :)

    I seriously can't wait to see... hopping up and down kind of can't wait! (You sneaky bugger, how is it that I missed that you had a second blog?) Breath baited.

  2. LOL...Oh you put a great grin on my face today Andrea! I am also of the hopping up and down in excitement variety and the time really just can't go fast enough until I get to do the hopping on the porch of our new home! That feeling is being compounded by the fact that I think the city we're living in is trying to kill me...for the last three weeks my allergies (which really haven't plagued me in over 4 years) are suddenly off the charts bad. So I desperately can't wait for some good country air. I wish I had some pretty photos to post of the loveliness that we are heading out to, but the whole thing has happened so quickly that I never had a camera on me. But soon, very soon!!


  3. that ottoman is FABULOUS!!! you have such wonderful style!

  4. Thanks so much Erin! I would love to try my hand at making an ottoman like that...I've just got to keep my eye open for the right old crate.

    :) Hope

  5. Hello, I have just find you through and your blog is stunning! Since now added to my list and I became a follower. I love the selection of this images. Very inspiring. :-)


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