Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm dreaming of a new home...

My husband and I impulsively fell in love with a property in the country...come May 2nd we will be the proud owners of 90 acres, a sweet little country house and the most spectacular view! To say that I'm excited would be a giant understatement...my happiest moments are spent daydreaming about what colors to paint the walls and how to arrange the furniture. I wish we were spending this holiday season in that cozy little house with the real wood stove in the kitchen, but for now I will have to satisfy my decor lust with preparatory mood boards! Here's the inspiration for the kitchen greatroom... 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!


  1. Dreaming and planning for a new home is exciting; almost like waiting for a baby to be born. Have fun over the next six months putting it together.

    I've just discovered your blog and I love the look. It's great to find more Canadian blogs showcasing strong design idea's.

    Glamour Begins At Home

  2. Wow I like your dreams so far!! how very exciting for you, keep us posted!




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