Friday, August 27, 2010

A Sense of Humor...

I love design that doesn't take itself too seriously and displays a sense of humor...


  1. Your Majesty... I have found my second home!!! I have no words for your blog... I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything just the ENTIRE blog!!! Everything is so ME!!! I love the libraries, and the decor in each article. I know I will be visiting here continuously if not everyday:)) Bravo Queenie!

    Royal wishes,
    La Petite Plume

  2. Daisy, thank you so much for your wonderfully kind comments! You put a great smile on my face, and I am very glad to know I have found a sister of royal taste. It is absolutely ok that you display my darling little Frenchie on your lovely blog of pink deliciousness...thanks for sharing her with your readers! I'm so glad that my library post inspired you as you create your own...I think a library is one of the most wonderful rooms a person could ever have.

    The French Mouse


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